ITI Electrician MCQ Question Answer in English 2024

ITI Electrician MCQ Question Answer in English 2024

हेलो दोस्तों, में जानता हूँ की आप सभी को ITI  Electrician MCQ या बहुविकल्पि प्रशन की आवश्यकता होती है।  इसलिए ITI Question Bank आप सभी के लिए NIMI पैटर्न पर आधारित Electrician 1st Year’s and 2nd year’s का MCQ Question and Answer’s दिए गए हैं। ये Question’s आईटीआई के Exam में 100% पूछे जाते हैं।
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ITI Electrician MCQ Question Answer in English 2024

1. ……. type insulators are often not used for voltages greater than.

(a)  66 Kw
(b)  33 Kw
(c)   25 kw
(d)   11 Kw
Answer – 33 kW

2. Compared to the amplifier, the transformer cannot-

(a)  Increase in output power
(b)  Increase of output voltage
(c)  Increase of output stream
(d)  None of these
Answer: Increase in output power

3. If a coil, which establishes electrical contact with the constant, is said to be?

(a)  Short circuit
(b)  Open circuit
(c)    Closed
(d)    Earthed
Answer: Earthed

4. 3-phase induction motor should have three windings ……… installed at the electrical fraction.

(a)  90
(b) 120
(c)  360
(d)  60
Answer – 120

5. It is not possible to draw this diagram for complete wiring. But is it drawn to get consent by showing the customer?

(a)  Layout diagram
(b)  Installation Plan
(c)  Circuit diagram
(d)  Wiring diagram
Answer – Installation Plan

6. Electroplating occurs at which of the following?

(a)  Only at the cathode
(b)  Only at the anode
(c)  At both the anode and cathode
(d)  At the anode or cathode
Answer – Only at the cathode

7. Bent snip is used?

(a)  To remove the beam.
(b)  To make the holes in the sheet
(c)  To fold the sheet.
(d)  For cutting the sheet along the wood lines
Answer – For cutting sheets along the wood lines

8. When a fluorescent lamp turns dark black at the ends. So it probably means that

(a)  Wrong gas has been filled in the lamp.
(b)  The lamp is switched on very rarely.
(c)   Starter is not working properly.
(d)   Deep is new.
Answer- The starter is not working properly.

9. What is called a natural magnet?

(a)   Steel
(b)   Load-stone
(c)    Magnetism
(d)    Soft iron
Answer: Load-stone

10. Stepper motors have applications …….

(a)   In coil winders
(b)   In fax machines
(c)    In lifts and hoists
(d)    In compressors
Answer – In fax machines

11. The length of the hacksaw blade is measured?

(a)    From the inner ends of two pin-holes.
(b)    Between the outer ends of two pin-holes.
(c)     Between the centers of two pin-holes
(d)     From the inner end of one pinhole and the outer end of another pinhole
Answer: Between the centers of two pin-holes

12. Which of the following materials is a conductor of electricity?

(a)    Rubber
(b)    Copper
(c)     Ebonite
(d)     Bakelite
Answer: Copper

13. The oscillating circuit that is made to convert the sine wave signal into a square wave signal is called-

(a)   Summit Trigger
(b)   Blocking Oscillator
(c)    Multi – vibrator
(d)    Waynbridge oscillator
Answer – SammitTrigger

14. How can the cross-magnetizing effect of armature reaction in a DC generator be canceled?

(a)    Insert curved compensating
(b)    Providing poles of difference between the main pole
(c)    Transferring the position of the MNA brush from the GNA
(d)    Ampere-turn increases in field windings.
Answer – Transferring the position of the MNA brush from the GNA

15. What is the rotational speed of a range motor in a weightless state?

(a)   Zero
(b)   3000 R.P.M.
(c)   3600 R.P.M.
(d)   Eternal
Answer: Eternal

16. In a nuclear reactor, the chain reaction is controlled by …….

(a)   Iron rods
(b)   Cadmium Rods
(c)    Graphite Rods
(d)    Brass rods
Answer: Cadmium Rods

17. I.C. What is the operating voltage of 555?

(a)   3 to 10 volts DC
(b)   1 to 5 volts DC
(c)    -5 to +5 volts DC
(d)   +5 to +15 volts D.C.
Answer – +5 to +15 volts D.C.

18. For measuring the voltage across an impedance, VTVM is more reliable than a multimeter because

(a)   It has high sensitivity.
(b)   It presents high degeneration.
(c)    It does not change the measured voltage
(d)   All of the above
Answer – All of the above

19. Which substance is used to control chain reaction in a nuclear reactor?

(a)   Thorium
(b)   Heavy water
(c)    Boron
(d)    Beryllium
Answer: Boron

20. What is the yoke of a DC machine made of?

(a)   Copper
(b)   Carbon
(c)    Cast iron
(d)    Silicon Steel
Answer: Cast Iron

21. The rotation direction of the DC motor can be changed –

(a)   By contrasting the supply combinations
(b)   Interchange the armature and field combinations
(c)    By adding resistance in the field circuit
(d)   By contrasting armature or field combinations
Answer – By contrasting armature or field combinations

22. What is the electrochemical equivalent?

(a)   Ratio of the atomic mass of hydrogen to the atomic weight of an element
(b)   The free ratio of an element to the amount of hydrogen per unit
(c)    Ratio of atomic weight and valency
(d)    None of the above
Answer: The free ratio of an element to the amount of hydrogen per unit

23. This a. C. Isn’t the variety of winding?

(a)  Basket Winding
(b)  Concentric winding
(c)   Skein winding
(d)   Gram Winding
Answer – Gram Winding

24. What is the purpose of using a damper in large-sized alternators?

(a)    Decrease current
(b)   Decreasing the voltage subtraction
(c)    Increase stability
(d)    Output B. raise up
Answer – Increase stability

25. In the category-B amplifier, the current flowing through it?

(a)   Less than uninterrupted semi-cycle.
(b)  For longer than uninterrupted semi-cycles
(c)   For uninterrupted half-cycle time
(d)   For uninterrupted full-cycle time
Answer – For uninterrupted half-cycle time

26. All D.C. VBA produced in the armature of generators The value of is maximum when –

(a)   Change rate of magnetic capital is minimum.
(b)   Change rate of magnetic capital is maximum
(c)    Capital passing through drivers is maximum
(d)    The capital passing through the rails is minimum
Answer – The maximum rate of change of magnetized capital

27. In order to deal with any future problems, an additional amount is usually added to the wiring while assessing the wiring which is ……. it occurs?

(a)   3 percent
(b)   5 percent
(c)   7 percent
(d)  10 percent
Answer – 5 percent

28. Control rods used in nuclear reactors ……. Are made of

(a)   Zirconium
(b)   Boron
(c)    Beryllium
(d)    Lead
Answer: Boron

29. The size of the transformer used in the battery charging device/inverter depends?

(a)   Battery charge voltage
(b)   Battery charge current
(c)   On battery charge
(d)   On battery charge energy
Answer: On battery charge

30. Thickness of sheet metal is revealed by a series of numbers. What is it called?

(a)    Number size
(b)   Gauge
(c)    Standard Size
(d)    None of these
Answer – Gauge

31. In humid weather, corona ……. Is formed on voltage.

(a)    Less than the required voltage in good weather
(b)    More than the required voltage in good weather.
(c)     Similar to the voltage required in good weather
(d)     None of the above
Answer:-Less than the required voltage in good weather

32. Complementary Symmetry Category-B amplifier is required for-

(a)    Two P-N-P transistors
(b)    Two P-N-P transistors
(c)    One N-P-N and one P-N-P transistor
Two N-P-N and two P-N-P transistors
Answer: An N-P-N and a P-N-P transistor

33. A.C. The power multiplier of the circuit is equal to?

(a)   The cosine of the angle between the voltage and current
(b)  The tangent of the angle between the voltage and current
(c) Resistance
(d)   Virtual power / real power
Answer: The cosine of the angle between the voltage and current

34. For safety, the fuse should be placed in …… ..

(a)   Effortless cable
(b)   Face cable
(c)    Earth cable
(d)   Any wire/cable
Answer – Face Cable

35. What can happen if you turn in the reverse direction in slow motion on turning on the ceiling fan?

(a)   Winding is burnt
(b)  Bearings have been eroded.
(c)   Capacitor is ineffective
(d)   None of these
Answer – Capacitor is ineffective

36. Sand is prepared?

(a)  Cast iron
(b)  Cast steel or special tool steel
(c)  With mild steel
(d)   Nickel-steel
Answer: Cast-steel or special tool-steel

37. Can a wattmeter measure?

(a)   A.C. only
(b)  Power
(c)  DC only
(d)  A.C. Or D.C. Power
Answer: A.C. Or D.C. Power

38. The current carrying capacity of cables is described in the BIS regulation at a certain temperature. The definite temperature described is ………….

(a)   20 ° C
(b)   30 ° C
(c)   40 ° C
(d)   50 ° C
Answer – 40 ° C

39. The rotor of a 6-pole alternator must pass through electrical components to complete one rotation.

(a)  2160 °
(b)  1080 °
(c)   720 °
(d)   360 °
Answer – 1080 °

40. Can the insulator fail due to ……?

(a)   Flash over
(b)   short circuit
(c)   Dust soil deposition
(d)   any of these
Answer: Any of them

41. Mass of a substance deposited on an electrode-

(a)   Is proportional to voltage.
(b)   Only time is proportional to time.
(c)   Only proportional to Dharamena.
(d)   Amount of stream and speed Is proportional to.
Answer – Quantity of volume and Is proportional to.

42. Strain-type insulators are used?

(a)   At the end
(b)   Intermediate anchored towers
(c)    Straight to the wires
(d)   Any of (A) or (B)
Answer: (A)

43. Compounded D.C. One use of a generator is …….

(a)   For electroplating
(b)   For welding generators
(c)    For streetlights
(d)    For Railways
Answer: For electroplating

44. How many gauge lines have been added from Bhakra Dam to Delhi Grid Station?

(a)   240 Kw
(b)   220 Kw
(c)   300 Kw
(d)   200 Kw
Answer – 220 kW

45. What is called insulation mounted driver.

(a)    Corner
(b)    Insulation cover
(c)    Badging
(d)   Armoring
Answer – Core

ITI Electrician MCQ Question Answer in English 2024

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