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SSC Mock Test : Aptitude, Reasoning, English and General Awareness are the 4 subjects in CGL exam which carries equivalant of 25 Questions and 50 Marks each. As it is clear that it is very comprenhsive pattern and students will have to practice a lot to solve questions in given time.

This is best website for students preparing for SSC CGL exam. This app contains Study material and Questions based on the latest pattern of SSC CGL. This website contains Questions and Model papers from Previous year Question paper for SSC CGL 2021.

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has changed the exam pattern in recent years and This app prepares you with free mock tests and previous SSC CGL paper for the Combined Graduate Level or ssc mock test 2022 CGL exam 2021. CGL is a reputed exam and the competition is very tough in this exam.

SSC CGL Previous Year Questions are provided in this application to help the students prepare for the exam throughly. Aspirents can also practice for SSC CGL exam with the Test Series provided for SSC CGL exam. This website covers the syllabus of the exam and all the subjects such as Aptitude, Reasoning, GK and English from SSC CGL exam prespective.

ssc mock test

SSC CGL Model Papers and Practice Paper are also provided in this website: This website is a complete package for the CGL exam aspirents. ssc mock test 2022

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1. देश का पहला क्रिप्टो थीम बेस्ड कैफे कहां खोला गया।

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2. हाल ही में किसे वेस्ट  इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर   प्रोजेक्ट  का पुरस्कार दिया  गया ?

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3. मियां का बाड़ा रेलवे स्टेशन का नाम महेश नगर  हाल्ट कर दिया  गया है यह किस राज्य में है?

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4. किस देश में तैनात  1,160 भारतीय शांति  सैनिकों को UN मेडल्स  सम्मान मिला  ?/In which country, 1,160 Indian peacekeepers were honored with UN Medals?

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5. किस देश में तैनात  1,160 भारतीय शांति  सैनिकों को UN मेडल्स  सम्मान मिला  ?/In which
country, 1,160 Indian peacekeepers were honored with UN Medals?

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6. 75वीं संतोष ट्राफी 2022 का ख़िताब किसने  जीता है?/Who has won the title of 75th Santosh Trophy 2022?

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7. द स्टेट ऑफ द वल्ड्स फॉरेस्ट रिपोर्ट  के अनुसार पृथ्वी की सतह का लगभग कितना परसेंटेज  वनाच्छादित हैं?/According to The State of the World's Forest Report, approximately
what percentage of the Earth's surface is forested?

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8. नेशनल इिंटेर्लजेंस ग्रिड  (NATGRID) बेंगलुरु परिसर  का उट्घाटन किसने किया है?/Who has inaugurated the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) Bengaluru campus?

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9. विश्व  अस्थमा दिवस  2022 कब मनाया गया?/When was World Asthma Day 2022

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10. बिहार के पहले ग्रीनफील्ड  संयंत्र का उट्घाटन  कहां किया  गया ? /Where was the
first greenfield ethanol plant of Bihar inaugurated?

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11. मुख्यमंत्री मितान योजना किस राज्य में हुई है?/In which state Mukhyamantri Mitan
Yojana has started?

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12. दुनिया का सबसे लम्बा कांच का ब्रिज किस  देश में बनाया गया है?/In which country is the world's longest glass bridge built?

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13. खेलो इंडिया यूनिवर्सिटी  गेम्स 2021 को किसने  जीता है? Who has won the Khelo India University Games 2021 ?

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This website covers all the topics for SSC CGL 2021 and Practice Tests are given in the website so that students can learn and practice a lot to solve questions in minimal time. ssc mock test 2022

SSC CGL Tire 1 paper (60 mins)
General Intelligence & Reasoning – 50 Marks – 25 Questions
General Awareness – 50 Marks – 25 Questions
Quantitative Aptitude 50 Marks – 25 Questions
English Comprehension 50 Marks – 25 Questions

The above mentioned syllabus is covered in this wbsite in the form of Study Material and Mock Tests for Exam.