Screw Jack kaise banaya jata hai – How to draw screw jack 2022

How to draw screw jack 2022 : Screw Jack kaise banaya jata hai Screw jack is a simple machine, which can raise a very heavy load through some distance by applying comparatively a small force at the end of a long lever. The simple design shown in Fig can raise the load through a small distance in a vertical direction, only.

These are also designed to raise the load vertically and then to carry it horizontally for a small distance. Small jacks are found in every automobile toolbox, which are used to lift the automobile for changing the wheels.

The screw jack illustrated in Fig consists of a C.I. body (1) in the top flange of which is fitted a G.M. Nut (2).In the nut works a M.S. square threaded spindle (3). In the head of the screw is made a through hole, in which the ‘Tommy bar’ is inserted, for turning the screw.

The end of the Tommy bar is knurled to provide a good grip for holding. The C.S. cap (4) is put on the head of the spindle and is free to rotate about the cylinrical projection on the spindle head. The cup is loosely held in position by a screw (6) and washers (5). To achieve a good grip of the load on the cup, the upper face fo the cup is serrated. The lift of the load is equal to one pitch length, of the threads on the spindle, for every complete turn of the assembly.

Screw Jack kaise banaya jata hai
Screw Jack kaise banaya jata hai

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